Intergrid is the go-to Kenyan freight forwarder to ship your freight locally or internationally. Whether you are importing to or through Kenya, or forwarding your freight to international markets, we can help you in freight forwarding. We have vast experience in selecting effective freight forwarding mode to move your freight. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for providing reliable forwarding service within Kenya and internationally. We are committed to forwarding your freight and making the forwarding process quick and effective. Experience our flexible and efficient forwarding services.



Exporting goods is easy but clearing them at the port is not. That’s why you need an experienced clearing and forwarding company to expedite the clearing process. We specialize in clearing goods on behalf of our clients. Our service entails preparing of shipping documents, booking cargo space, monitoring inland transportation, negotiating freight charges, filing insurance claims, and freight consolidation. With our team of professionals, you can expect nothing but a speedy and efficient clearing process. You’ll get your goods in the market in no time. Still in doubt? Try us today.


About Clearing and Forwarding Services

Struggling to get your goods from or through the port? We are here to help you. Our comprehensive clearing and forwarding services are the perfect-fit solution for your needs. You are guaranteed of an efficient clearing and forwarding process.


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