Whether you are trading in goods or services, the logistics of getting them from or to the market can be a challenging task. Our company has a reputation for offering top-notch International goods transport services to customers. These services are executed by a team of professionals by employing rich experience and modern technology. Moreover, we make delivery of goods at the desired location within the timeframe set. In addition, our services are rendered by a talented team of experts utilizing commendable knowledge to deliver in accordance to our client’s requirements.



We pride ourselves in offering exemplary long distance and short distance transport service for our clients. Often, we transport containers, bulk cargo, and loose cargo to and from destinations with Kenya. We have a range of trailer trucks to handle your cargo. Besides our transport facilities, our transport service is built on intelligent management which ensures your goods are delivered on time to your destination. We possess invaluable expertise in offering local transport service over the years. We have the appropriate transport solution for your cargo. Talk to us.


About Transport and Logistics Service

Getting your goods to or from the market can give you a headache if you don’t have any transport means. Intergridbs is here to expedite this process with its innovative transport and logistics service package which ensures you get your goods in or out of the market in an efficient manner.


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