General Warehousing

Intergridbs offers a wide range of warehousing services to our clients. We have secure warehouses located in different key points in Kenya used to store imported goods for clients while they await delivery.  Whether you have general cargo or goods destined for export, we have warehouse solutions designed to meet your needs.  Our operations entail providing secure facilities that align with security and safety standards as well as our clients’ requirements. Also, we have employed a security system in our facilities to ensure your cargo is safe and stored at the required temperatures.


Document Management and Archiving

Reducing storage and costs, mitigating risks, and meeting compliance requirements is imperative for many businesses. That’s why document management and archiving has become a key pillar of information governance. Intergridbs powered by modern records management can help you reduce storage and costs as well as meet compliance requirements set. We partner with the world’s leading document management and archiving software vendors to give your organization solutions to overcome data challenges in an efficient way.

a large quantity of boxes are stored on racks at this records storage warehouse facility. the boxes contain files, documents, papers, and other business records.  these photos may be of special interest to those in the records management industry.

About Warehousing and Storage Services

Getting your products from the port to your destination takes time. That’s where warehouses comes in handy. Our secure warehouses offer you a much needed depot that will keep you goods secure as you await delivery. What’s more, the warehouses are located in key points making transport more efficient and cost-effective.
Document management and archiving has become imperative particularly due to rising cybersecurity threats. Our document storage service is designed to reduce your operating costs and secure your data while complying with regulations in place.


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